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About us

-Customer first, mutual benefit-

‍      Shenzhen Baidu Micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a large-scale integrated platform of components established by a group of senior integrated circuit engineers, sales engineers and venture capitalists in 2006. With a comprehensive technical team, a strong supplier database, integrated global high-quality resources, experienced component procurement, the comprehensive use of their own advantages to help you find the components you want. We are directly connected with more than 100 leading companies in the world, and more than 400 first-class agents have real-time synchronous inventory, totaling more than 10 million items. We do our utmost to meet your needs, optimize your channels, and ensure a preferential source of first-hand original shipment.

      Since its establishment, Shenzhen Baidu Micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has won numerous awards and has achieved fruitful results. It has become the benchmark of the industry. It has been recognized by major media and well-known enterprises. It has won the agency rights of more than 80 first-line brands and has cooperated with more than 40,000 customers.

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-Customer first, mutual benefit-


-Customer first, mutual benefit-

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  •        台湾美台
  •    长电科技
  •     LRC
  •   美国仙童
  •     威世半导体
  • 三星电子
  •     村田电子
  •     松下电子
  • 万代电子
  • 厚声
  • 丽智
  • 国巨电子
  • AVX钽电容
  • 顺络电子
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